Our Visit to the Institute of Imagination

On Tuesday 3rd October, we took our older children on a special visit to the Institute of Imagination (iOi), just a short walk away from the school on Lambeth High Street. The iOi is located in the old Fire Brigade headquarters, now called the Workshop, where the Fire Brigade has set up a pop-up brigade museum (watch out for their open day on Wednesday October 25th during half-term).

The mission of the iOi is to prioritise imagination and creativity in children, and iOi provided our children with a range of games and playful situations which involved them in all kinds of sensory experiences, problem solving, thinking creatively and working together. There were games with water, lighting-up games (where the children placed their own light-up buttons and then raced to touch the buttons when they lit up), modelling with kinetic sand (which the children particularly liked), and working together to build a giant bird's nest using all sorts of materials (which was stimulated by telling the children a story about a bird which had lost it's nest), amongst other activities. 

We thought the staff at iOi were very good with our children - everything was excellently set up on arrival, and the well-thought-out planned activities had our children's full attention and  engagement all day. On our way back we dropped in to the playground at the Old Paradise Gardens where the children let off steam after the fun and games at the iOi. Thank you to all the staff and children's families and carers who helped out on the day!


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