Natural Thinkers 2

Our children are having a really great time at the Forest School in the Roots and Shoots Wildlife Garden, where they've had 3 weekly sessions so far this term, all under the wonderful guidance of a Forest School practitioner. The children are beginning to feel at home in the wildlife garden and are starting to explore and engage directly with the natural world in various structured and unstructured ways. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children - who otherwise might have very little contact with nature in inner London - to discover nature's restorative qualities which can help to engender a greater sense of well-being and develop confidence being in the world.

This week, the children could choose to take part in a number of activities:

- making clay models -  a very enjoyably messy activity needing frequent hand-washing as in the photo above!

- learning how to make bird cakes for birds - another activity involving working closely with natural materials in a directly tactile way. The finished cakes were hung up in bushes for birds to eat. 

- going on a bug hunt, using bug ID sheets to help the children identify the various small creatures found in the different garden habitats.

These activities (and more) help the children to voice their own preferences and interests, to select and use resources and activities with help, to connect ideas, to explain what is happening and anticipate what may happen next, to notice detailed features of objects in the environment, to move freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways, to talk about some of the things they have observed (such as plants, animals and found objects), to show care and concern for living things, and to begin to be interested in and explore the texture of things.


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