Natural Thinkers 1

At Ethelred, we are very enthusiastic about environmental education, seeing it as a vital and essential part of our curriculum in the face of increasing urbanisation and climate change. We know at first hand the importance to health and education of connecting our children with nature, especially in an inner-city nursery school such as Ethelred. Apart from our continuing outdoor education projects embedded in our curriculum (such as growing veggies), this year we are taking part in the Forest Schools project, which is one of a number of current environmental education initiatives across Lambeth and the UK (such as Natural Thinkers and Sowing the Seeds).

Forest Schools and Natural Thinkers look for ways to connect children to nature through accessible activities, and support children in coming to respect and understand their role in enjoying and protecting the environment. They help food growing to become a part of children’s lives, promote children’s health and emotional well-being and create nurturing environments that encourage communication and a sense of belonging.

Children are captivated, fascinated and excited by nature, and Natural Thinkers and Forest School practitioners use these natural effects to engage children in a wide range of learning and character building experiences. You don't have to be in a classroom to learn!

This half term, our Forest School sessions are taking place in the wonderful wildlife garden at Roots and Shoots, our local collaborator and leading environmental education charity, and are facilitated by a practitioner undergoing Forest School training. Our group of children will be helped by the practitioner - and nature - to develop problem solving skills and resourcefulness, learning to work in teams and developing confidence in the outdoors and natural world.

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