Learning about shapes, spaces and measures

The children have been exploring shape, space and measures through practical activities and play. Some children looked at the inner London skyline (with all its construction activity) from our playground, noticed the cranes, and then built models of them in Mobilo (a construction toy). After practising by following plans on the Mobilo instruction cards, the children adapted their models to reflect what they saw in real life. They talked about the function of the different parts of their models and compared them to see whose was the tallest. 

Others noticed tower blocks nearby and used different construction kits to create towers of cubes with interlocking  or magnetic squares. 

Through this work the children have begun to express their ideas using mathematical language, naming 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and describing their properties, learning comparative vocabulary such taller, shorter, biggest, smallest, and positional language such as above, below, behind, in front of, in between......


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